Black Saree With Blue Spots Cotton Mulmul Hand Printed

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  • Cotton Mulmul Hand Printed Black Saree With Blue Spots Style.
  • The saree comes with an unstitched Blouse Piece .
  • Length of the Saree is 6.50 metres including 1 meter Blouse Piece.
  • Work: Hand Printed ,Block print ,Traditional Ethnic Look
  • Occasion:- Formal, Casual, Occasional.


(I) A Separate Gentle Hand Wash in Cold Water with Mild Detergent. (II) It might have slight irregularities because of hand block printing technique. (III) Product colour may vary little bit due to camera effects.

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Mitaleo introducing the captivating Black With Blue Spots Cotton Mulmul Hand Printed Saree, a delightful fusion of modern aesthetics and traditional craft

smanship. This saree is a true embodiment of elegance and contemporary charm, designed to make a lasting impression on any occasion.

Chic Simplicity: The base of the saree is a rich black canvas adorned with charming blue spots. This juxtaposition of colors creates a striking visual contrast, infusing the saree with a sense of sophistication that’s both understated and eye-catching.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Crafted with care and expertise, each blue spot on the saree is hand-printed using traditional block printing techniques. The meticulous attention to detail adds depth to the design, showcasing the mastery of artisans who imbue the fabric with their skill and dedication.

Unstitched Blouse Companion: Accompanying the saree is an unstitched blouse piece in a solid, complementary shade of red, as seen in the image. This thoughtful addition allows for personalized styling, giving you the freedom to create a blouse that perfectly complements the saree’s aesthetic.

Length and Versatility: The saree spans 6.50 meters in length, inclusive of a 1-meter blouse piece. This generous length ensures an elegant and graceful drape, making it suitable for various body types. Its adaptability lends itself to a multitude of occasions, from formal gatherings to casual outings.

Printed Elegance: The blue spots, meticulously hand-printed onto the fabric, exude an aura of timeless beauty. This traditional printing technique infuses the saree with an ethnic allure that effortlessly harmonizes with modern sensibilities.

Ode to Occasions: Versatile in its nature, the Black With Blue Spots Cotton Mulmul Hand Printed Saree effortlessly transitions from formal affairs to casual get-togethers. Its adaptable design and color palette make it a wardrobe essential that can be draped with confidence for any event.

Personal Expression: More than just attire, this saree is a canvas for self-expression. Its amalgamation of hues, artistry, and comfort enables you to curate your style. Whether you opt for a minimalist approach or accessorize for added flair, this saree lends itself as a reflection of your unique taste.

With every graceful fold, the saree narrates a story of tradition meeting modernity, handwork meeting contemporary elegance. The Black With Blue Spots Cotton Mulmul Hand Printed Saree is a testament to the artistry of human hands and the canvas that clothing can provide for self-expression.

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